Which one to choose? B.Com. (Honours) or B.Com. (General) degree

Which degree course is better and will offer more professional career opportunities in future? 

Bachelor of Commerce (honours) is a 3 years, full time classroom course designed to inculcate whole business acumen in students, covering approximately 40 subjects over six semesters.
The Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate university authorized college three years study course of commerce subject for obtaining a degree after passing 10+2. This degree will help you in establishing a career in Accounting Finance, Operations, Taxation and other related fields as per your courses choice. B.Com degree generally gives the knowledge to students about Accounting of goods, types of account Ledgers, profit and loss, how to maintain different accounts, taxation, different laws and procedures of Accounting and calculations of different taxes and many more.
Bachelor of Commerce degree may be a stepping stone in best career options after 12th for further higher studies professional degrees like M.Com (Master of Commerce), CS (Company Secretary), CA (Chartered Accountant), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CWA (Cost and work Accountant), and many more. 

The main difference between Bachelor of Commerce (honours) and Bachelor of Commerce(General) degree is, B.Com (hons) is more academically elevated and industry oriented program where’s B.Com general or normal degree course you are introduced with various study subjects and its gives you only an overview of the study subjects.
In Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) study, a student has to need to refer a lots of different books and study materials to know the latest new developments in the study subject with help of various learning resources at College or University Campus, on the other hand main emphasis often centered around text books in B.Com(General). 
Employment probability is higher for Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) as the demand for this degree professional is higher compare to normal B.Com.

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