Home Tutor Jobs in Bangalore - Home tutoring guide to 'How it works'

Here is a golden opportunity to work as a part time / full time home tutor nearby your location in Bangalore.

It doesn't matter if you are working in a company or pursuing studies! 

We, at Ideal Home Tuition are involved in providing part / full time tutor jobs to Graduates / Undergraduates / Postgraduates who want to share their knowledge and earn handsome money.

Let us give you an example of how all this works:
Say you are an undergraduate student pursuing engineering in Computer Science and you would like to teach Physics and Mathematics for class XI &  XII.
You tell us your preferences and we will then provide you with a student who requires help with the same subjects you can teach located nearby your location.

The tuition rates are pretty awesome too!
With one tuition, you can earn 4k-12k per month.
If you take 2-3 tuitions, you may earn 10k - 30k per month.

Most importantly, the timings are very flexible.
Say you have to provide 6 hours of tuition class per week to a student. You need not take 1 hour of class for 6 days a week, instead you can take 1.5 hours of class for 4 days a week, making it a total of 6 hours. 
You can adjust your class timing and number of days of class taking into consideration student requirement and your schedule.

You can teach whatever you are good at!
Let us know what you can teach and we will find a student who requires similar services nearby your location.

Class I to XII, any subject (Science, Commerce & Arts)
Any competitive exam like TOEFL or CET
Any professional course like AUTOCAD or CATIA or C++
Any graduation subject like Accounts or engineering Mathematics
Any language
Any of your specialisation or hobby

We have been regularly providing many opportunities to the people. Some started as a part time and now continuing as a full time tutor!
Some say its far better than their regular job.
Some say they are able to support themselves financially
Some say they are earning better than their regular job income!
Some feel more independent & confident
Some feel they are changing lives of people
Some say it’s their hobby to share knowledge
Some say they want to save for their higher education!

The reasons can be any but the resultant feeling of independence can be exhilarating to say the least.

We look forward to Ideal Home Tuition's contribution towards your success!
For more info, kindly contact us on 7829350617
Apply now!

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