NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics - Solved Exercise Question 1.9

Question 1.9:

Write in about 1000 words a fiction piece based on your speculation on the science and technology of the twenty-second century.


We feel the twenty second century will mostly be dependent on technology. 
The technology is already shifting from PC to mobile, in other words shrinking in size but more efficient.
Mobiles will play a very important role in shaping the daily routine of a person.
With mobile operating platform like iOS and Android in the market, manufacturers are coming with applications for every possible thing. 
Consider fitness for example, one can find apps like Runkeeper on iOS & Android which keeps a tab of one's fitness.
Now the next focus will be from virtual reality which will make things happen as if in real. 
The recent acquisition of Oculus by Facebook gives an hint of how one need not leave his comfort zone and everything is available at their door steps.
So, if we have to define 22nd century in one word, its technology and mostly things will be going nano.
Students may show the progress of various fields with the help of Science & Technology adding more words to above.

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