Laws of motion NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics - Solved Exercise Question 5.6

Question 5.6:
A constant force acting on a body of mass 3.0 kg changes its speed from 2.0 m s–1 to 3.5 m s–1 in 25 s. The direction of the motion of the body remains unchanged. What is the magnitude and direction of the force?
0.18 N; in the direction of motion of the body
Mass of the body, m = 3 kg
Initial speed of the body, u = 2 m/s
Final speed of the body, v = 3.5 m/s
Time, t = 25 s
Using the first equation of motion, the acceleration (a) produced in the body can be calculated as:
v = u + at
∴ a = (v - u) / t
= (3.5 - 2) / 25 = 0.06 ms-2
As per Newton’s second law of motion, force is given as:
F = ma
= 3 × 0.06 = 0.18 N
Since the application of force does not change the direction of the body, the net force acting on the body is in the direction of its motion.

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