Motion in a plane NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics - Solved Exercise Question 4.8

Question 4.8:

Three girls skating on a circular ice ground of radius 200 m start from a point P on the edge of the ground and reach a point Q diametrically opposite to P following different paths as shown in Fig. 4.20. What is the magnitude of the displacement vector for each ? For which girl is this equal to the actual length of path skate ?


Displacement is given by the minimum distance between the initial and final positions of a particle. In the given case, all the girls start from point P and reach point Q. The magnitudes of their displacements will be equal to the diameter of the ground.
Radius of the ground = 200 m
Diameter of the ground = 2 × 200 = 400 m

Hence, the magnitude of the displacement for each girl is 400 m. This is equal to the actual length of the path skated by girl B.

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