Looking for a well paying job? Earn smartly working as a home tutor!

Not many people are aware of home tutoring as a profession.
Home tutoring is a profession for all: whether you are a student studying in an engineering college or working professional in some company or a house wife.
You can work part time or full time.
There is already a trend being observed in which full time professionals are opting for home tutoring as their career.
Following are some worthy reasons to think of taking private home tuition as a career:

1. You can teach anything you are good at! It's that easy.

You can teach students from class 1 to class 12 - any subject
You can teach engineering, B.Com, BBM or diploma subjects
You can teach a language like French, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi ,English.
You can teach Computer Science languages like C, C++, Java.
You can teach softwares like AUTOCAD, CATIA, etc.

2. As a home tutor, you have the liberty to work independently without any work pressure.

3. The class timings are quite flexible. 
For one student, you may be required to teach around 5-6 hours per week. You can fix class time with the student at your own convenience & that of the student as well.

4. You earn handsome amount of money as a tutor / teacher.
One hour of home tuition class may earn you anywhere between Rs 50 to Rs 1000.
On an average, for one student, you may earn anywhere between Rs 3000 to Rs 10,000.
As a full time tutor, one can manage to teach 6 hours a day.
With above tuition rates, one may earn anywhere between 20k to 40k depending on the subject and standard requirement.

5. Save time traveling to long distances.
As a home tutor, you can teach nearby your residence. We provide you job opportunities within 5kms of your location.

6. Its a respectable job. 
There is no better respectable profession than teaching. This is the profession which gives you the opportunity to influence student's life & shape their future.

7. Expand your social network. 
Your student will be like your friend or family.

There are so many other reasons why home tutoring is one of the best profession.
Working as a tutor, you not only earn handsome money but also get a chance to share your knowledge with the students & in turn shape their career.

Here at ideal Home Tuition, we are providing you employment opportunities with respect to your preferences. You tell us what can you teach and we provide you opportunities with respect to the same, nearby you location.

To know more about us, kindly visit our office or call us on 7829350617

Working as a home tutor is a very smart career move.

ideal Home Tuition

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