Home Tutor rating: Points to be noted

After completion of 1st month of tutoring sessions, parents will be asked to give a feedback & answer following 5 questions as YES or NO.
Following are the 5 points based on which tutor will be rated at Ideal Home Tuition. Each question will carry 1 point & based on the answers to below questions, tutor will be given a rating out of 5.

  1. Punctuality & Flexibility: Is the tutor punctual & flexible with respect to the day & time class is fixed as requested by parents/student.
  2. Knowledge & engagement: Is the tutor having sound knowledge with respect to the subject(s) taught & is enthusiastic, engaging & holds the attention of students in all discussions?
  3. Discipline & Communication: Is the tutor honest, well-mannered & in discipline with good communication skills?
  4. Tracking Progress & Feedback: Is the tutor monitoring student's progress with respect to improvement in studies & updating the parents with respect to the student's progress & performance?
  5. Tests & motivation: Is the tutor conducting tests regularly, atleast once in a fortnight while motivating & encouraging the student to do well?

  • If tutor rating is equal to or less than 2, that means parents have rejected the tutor & requested for other tutor. Future tutoring opportunities may given to the tutor if tutor looks promising.
  • If tutor rating is between 2 & 3.5, it will depend on the student or parents if they want to continue with the same tutor or ask the company for other tutor. Tutor would still be eligible for future tutoring opportunities.
  • If tutor rating is above 3.5, that means tutor qualifies as an ideal tutor & can continue tutoring the student. In future, tutor will be given more preference & better tutoring opportunities.

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